Acquiring engineering knowledge from design processes

/ January 8, 2013

Knowledge management has recently become the focus of public attention in business and engineering. Because knowledge acquisition is situated in the upstream of knowledge management, capturing knowledge is an important step for enterprises to achieve successful knowledge

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SYMBAD (Similarity Based Agents for Design)

/ November 30, 2012

The SYMBAD (Similarity Based Agents for Design) system is a project developed to aid Architectural design team members to share knowledge used in Stand design. Stands play important role in promoting a Company image, projects its presence

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Stimulus, Sensory and Visual cue

/ October 18, 2011

In psychology, stimuli are energy patterns which are registered by the senses. In behaviorism and related stimulus–response theories, stimuli constitute the basis for behavior, whereas in perceptual psychology they constitute the basis for perception.[1] In the second

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